TSUZUMI lounge chair | SUGIYAMA | Japanese Minimalist Solid Iron Furniture

TSUZUMI lounge chair

Product cord:FEL2200


The motif which adopts the Japanese sense of beauty of “thin and delicate.” This lounge chair is based on the shape of a Japanese traditional musical instrument, the”Tsuzumi”, and is a perfect addition to the Japanese traditional culture of “Engawa,”the porch. The design allows you to fully relax on the seat with your body at ease and your legs crossed. Its low profile harmonizes with the architecture to create a comforting space

Size:W682 D641 H512 SH280

枠:無垢鉄 サンドブラック粉体塗装
座:布地  MI825

Frame:Solid Iron Sandblack Powder Coating
Seat :Fabric(MI825)


Design:Kazuteru Murasawa