SHIN arm chair PR | SUGIYAMA | Japanese Minimalist Solid Iron Furniture

SHIN arm chair PR

Product cord:FKU2301


This is a minimalist chair with a Japanese sense of beauty, which expresses the Sugiyama Seisakusho philosophy. It consists of a minimal structure, straight lines and right-angled corners that accentuate its lightness, and is finished to make the best use of the material’s expression. You can see the craftsman’s handiwork on its wrought iron arms.

Size:W520 D480 H800 SH440 AH590

枠:無垢鉄 クリア粉体塗装
座:牛革 エージングレザー黒 AGBL

Frame:Solid Iron Clear Powder Coating
Seat :Aged Cowhide Leather , Black ( AGBL )


Design:Kohei Ito