SHIN counter chair PR | SUGIYAMA | Japanese Minimalist Solid Iron Furniture

SHIN counter chair PR

Product cord:FKU2302


This is a minimalist chair with a Japanese sense of beauty, which expresses the Sugiyama Seisakusho philosophy. It consists of a minimal structure, straight lines and right-angled corners that accentuate its lightness, and is finished to make the best use of the material’s expression. You can see the craftsman’s handiwork on its wrought iron footrest.

W420 D490 H880 SH750

枠:無垢鉄 クリア粉体塗装
座:牛革 エージングレザー黒 AGBL

Frame:Solid Iron Clear Powder Coating
Seat :Aged Cowhide Leather , Black ( AGBL )


Design:Kohei Ito