Croce counter chair 720/620/570 | SUGIYAMA | Japanese Minimalist Solid Iron Furniture

Croce counter chair 720/620/570


“Croce” means cross in Italian. This chair features the charms of both horizontal and vertical configurations. Particularly when viewed from behind, the vertical parts connecting the back to the spindle and the horizontal line of the seat overlap in a crisscross pattern, creating a beautiful lattice shape. A counter chair should feel compatible with the counter in front of it, so we tried to create a design that blends in with the space, is not overly assertive, and yet has a dignified appearance.

Product cord:FEL2001
Product name:Croce counter chair720
Material:Iron (powder coating)
Size:W390 D420 H900 SH720
Weight:approx. 9kg
Price:JPY45,000~60,000(+tax) Retail price in Japan

Product cord:FEL2002
Product name:Croce counter chair620
Material:Iron (powder coating)
Size:W390 D420 H800 SH620
Weight:approx. 7.5kg
Price:JPY44,000~59,000(+tax) Retail price in Japan

Product cord:FEL2003
Product name:Croce counter chair570
Material:Iron (powder coating)
Size:W390 D420 H750 SH570
Weight:approx. 7.3kg
Price:JPY43,000~58,000(+tax) Retail price in Japan

Design:Kazuteru Murasawa