WORKER HIGH STOOL 720/620/570 | SUGIYAMA | Japanese Minimalist Solid Iron Furniture



This high stool is a challenge to minimalist design – the steel frame is sandwiched between felt to hide the structure. Its lower section can be extended under the footrests to accommodate different counter heights. The hard felt seat is available in black or gray.

Product cord:FW2023
Product name:WORKER HIGH STOOL720
Material:Iron (sand black finish)
Size:W528 D528 H720 seatΦ330
Weight:approx. 6.3kg
Price:JPY38,000(+tax) Retail price in Japan

Product cord:FW2024
Product name:WORKER HIGH STOOL620
Material:Iron (sand black finish)
Size:W511 D511 H620 seatΦ330
Weight:approx. 5.7kg
Price:JPY37,000(+tax) Retail price in Japan

Product cord:FW2025
Product name:WORKER HIGH STOOL570
Material:Iron (sand black finish)
Size:W502 D502 H570 seatΦ330
Weight:approx. 5.1kg
Price:JPY36,000(+tax) Retail price in Japan

Design:Tomokazu Murakami